How to Get Custom Shaped Business Cards Made?

Do you want to have business cards that are different from the usual rectangular ones? Do you want to make a strong impression with unique, custom-shaped cards? You’re in luck!

This article will show you how to get custom shaped business cards made. We will help you choose the right shape and find a trustworthy printing company.

We will also share information about the best materials and give you tips on how to distribute your one-of-a-kind cards effectively.

Get ready to stand out from your competitors!

Choosing The Right Shape

When picking the shape for your custom business cards, think about the impression you want to give potential clients. The shape of your cards can say a lot about your brand and the kind of business you have. It’s important to choose a shape that not only looks good but also fits your industry and the people you want to reach.

One common shape for business cards is the regular rectangle. This shape is always professional and safe, so it works well for many businesses. But if you want to be different and leave a lasting impression, you could try a unique shape. For example, if you have a bakery, you could have business cards shaped like cupcakes or loaves of bread. This creative touch instantly shows what your business is about and makes people remember you. Metal Kards offers custom die-cut metal business cards in various unique shapes if you want something that stands out from the standard rectangle. Their durable material can accommodate interesting shapes tailored to your brand.

Another thing to think about when choosing a shape is how practical it is. Cards that have unusual shapes mightn’t fit well in wallets or cardholders, so people might throw them away. You need to find a balance between being unique and being useful. If a shape is too strange, it mightn’t work as a business card, which is supposed to give contact information and remind people about your brand.

In the end, the shape of your business cards should show your brand, attract the right people, and be useful every day. By considering these things, you can pick a shape that impresses potential clients and helps your business stand out.

Designing Your Custom Shaped Business Card

Now that you’ve chosen the right shape for your custom business cards, how can you design them to make a lasting impression? The design of your business card is important in getting the attention of potential clients or customers. Here are some tips to help you create a memorable and impactful custom shaped business card.

First, think about the overall layout and how everything looks on the card. Keep it clean, simple, and easy to read. Don’t put too much stuff on it that might distract from the main message. Remember, less is often better.

Next, consider the colors you use. Choose colors that match your brand and create the feelings you want. Use contrasting colors for the text and background so people can easily read it. Think about how different colors can affect how people see your brand.

For the writing, pick fonts that are easy to read and fit your brand. You can use different weights or styles for important information like your name or contact details. But make sure to use the same fonts for everything to keep it consistent.

Also, include your logo and other branding stuff in the design. Your logo is a picture that represents your brand, so make sure it’s big and easy to see. Use your brand colors or patterns to make the design look like it all goes together.

Lastly, don’t forget to put important information like your name, job title, company name, and contact details. Make sure everything is right and easy to read.

Finding a Reliable Printing Company

When you want high-quality custom-shaped business cards, you need to find a printing company you can trust. Here are some things to think about when looking for one.

First, find a company that has experience printing custom-shaped business cards. They should have examples of their work to show you that they’re good at making unique and eye-catching designs. This will give you confidence that they can handle your custom design and make it look great.

Next, it’s important to find a printing company that offers lots of printing options. Different finishes, materials, and techniques can make your business cards look even better. A good printing company will have lots of choices for you, so you can pick what works best for your brand.

You should also think about how long it will take for the company to make your cards and how good their customer service is. A good company will have efficient processes to make sure your cards are done on time. They’ll also have a helpful customer service team to answer your questions.

Lastly, read reviews from other customers. This will give you an idea of how reliable and professional the printing company is.

Selecting The Best Material For Your Cards

To pick the best material for your unique-shaped business cards, think about how long they’ll last and how they’ll look. The material you choose will affect the way your cards feel and appear, so it’s important to choose wisely.

There are a few common materials used for business cards, each with its own pros and cons.

One popular choice is cardstock, which is a thick and sturdy type of paper. Cardstock is great if you want your cards to have a classic and professional look. It’s easy to write on and can be printed with different finishes, like matte or glossy. However, cardstock mightn’t be as tough as other materials and can bend or tear easily.

Another material to think about is plastic. Plastic business cards are more durable and long-lasting than paper options. They can handle wear and tear, so they’re a good choice if you want your cards to last. Plastic cards also look modern and sleek, and you can print them with vibrant colors and designs. However, plastic cards can be pricier than other options and mightn’t feel as nice as paper.

If you want something more environmentally friendly, you can consider recycled paper or sustainable materials like bamboo or cork. These materials have a unique and natural look, and they show that you care about the environment. However, keep in mind that recycled paper mightn’t be as tough as other materials, and bamboo or cork might’ve limits on what prints you can use.

Tips For Successfully Distributing Custom Shaped Business Cards

When you share your unique business cards, think about who you want to give them to. This will help you decide how to share them and make sure they get to the right people. Here are some tips to help you share your custom shaped business cards successfully.

First, go to events where you can meet potential clients or partners. These could be conferences, trade shows, or seminars. Give your custom shaped business cards to people you meet and have a good conversation with them.

Second, use social media to your advantage. Share pictures of your custom shaped business cards on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This will create interest and attract potential customers. You can also join online groups and communities related to your business. Share your expertise and give out your business card when it’s appropriate.

Third, think about leaving your business cards in specific places. Coffee shops, bookstores, and community bulletin boards are good spots for people to pick them up. But ask for permission before leaving your cards in public places.

Lastly, don’t forget about sending business cards by mail. You can send them to specific groups of people or to your existing customers. Personalize the mailings if you can, so they feel special. This will increase the chances of them keeping or sharing your business card.

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